Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The LC4 Le Chaise Chair, The Butterfly Chair & The Egg Chair

lc4 Chaise longue
In 1925, Charles-Édouard Jeanneret (more famously known as Le Corbusier), a French architect, writer and designer brought out the book “L'Art Décoratif d'aujourd'hui” that outlined three furniture types: ‘type-furniture’, ‘Type-needs’ and ‘human-limb objects. In 1928, he started experimenting and Designing the furniture he had outlined in the book along with his cousin, Pierre Jeanneret and another architect by name, Charlotte Perriand. Le Corbusier first designed three chairs that were made of steel and Chrome-plated. These were used in his projects. In 1929 Le Corbusier expanded His furniture line for another project.  He called it ‘Equipment for the home’. These renowned furniture pieces Are the now-iconic Le Corbusier LC1, LC2, LC3 and lc4 Chaise longue chairs.
In 1964, Cassina S.p.A, Milan acquired global rights to fabricate Le Corbusier furniture designs. Although Cassina still is the only manufacturer Licensed by the Foundation due Corbusier to fabricate their designs, Corbusier Replica furniture exists.

           Egg Chair
The LC2 Le Corbusier Chair is available as an armchair as Well as 2-seater and 3-seater sofas with steel frames finished in polished Chrome, matte or gloss enamel paint. The cushions are made with a polyester and Polyurethane padding. Feather padding cushions are also available. The Upholstery is made from ultra-resistant, colorfast fabrics that are easily Maintained.

A favorite of outdoor and camping trips is the portable butterfly Chair, also called the BKF chair. This chair Consists of an affordable metal frame and cloth or vinyl-weave fabric that is Suspended from the highest points of the frame. The cloth or vinyl weave the seat Is available in an array of colors.
Designed in 1958 by Arne Jacobsens, the Comfortable Egg Chair can look equally elegant in the study or sitting room.  Its egg-shaped curves and tilt mechanism Encourages one to relax and de-stress.   

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